Based in London, our law firm provides assistance, advises and defends clients in international family law. Héloïse Kawaishi, French lawyer in London, works with solicitors, barristers and mediators to deal with international cases.

Channel Avocat manages all aspects of divorce law, especially when there are hidden assets, complex legal issues, or disputed jurisdictions.

We can also help you with financial settlements for children, partnership agreement, cohabitation, change of gender, of name and inheritance law.

Please call us as soon as possible when an issue arises as the choice of the jurisdiction may have strong financial consequences.

Source : Pixabay

Source : Pixabay

We are more than lawyers. Our law office usually proposes psychologists and coaches in order to help you through the difficult experience of a trial, a negotiation or a mediation.

When these experiences are finished, we want you to feel listened and well advised because we know that family relationships remain after the conflict has been resolved and could even be better.

The first meeting is never binding. As we say in mediation, your are free to stay, free to leave. But at least, you will know if you feel comfortable working with us on your personal and unique situation.