Lawyers fees are determined according to several parameters including the nature of the dispute, the difficulty of the case, the client’s situation and the diligences done.


Channel Avocat proposes three billing modes:

  • Fixed fees : the amount of fees is determined in advance and is independent of the time spent.

  • Fees invoiced on a time-spent basis : the fees of complex cases are fixed according to the time spent on the case at an hourly rate previously defined in a fee agreement. The hourly rate will be between 170 £ and 350 £ depending of the files.

  • Fees on result : in addition to one of these methods, the remuneration of the lawyer may be based in part on the success of the case.

All cases are subject to a fee agreement and a payment of first advance payment before starting the process.


All invoices accurately list the work done, their date and duration.

A periodic payment of fees (excluding disbursements) is possible throughout the proceedings, provided that all the agreed fees have been paid before the pleadings hearing begins (excluding result fees).